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So many people depend on Smartphones as an integral part of their daily lives, it seems silly trying to explain to the younger generation that telephones were once tethered to a wall with a cord and all you could do with them was talk. Nowadays, the power of a small computer constantly at everyone’s fingertips allows people to be constantly connected with the virtual world.

Between texts, emails, scheduling, streaming, apps and the occasional conversation via voice, Smartphones juggle a lot of jobs. Even if you don't use your Smartphone too often, it’s easy for a Smartphone to get battery burnout before you’re ready to recharge.

Try these tips to keep the energy up in your Smartphone, so you don’t have to revert to being tethered to a wall like in the old days:

Turn off the vibrate function. It takes more power to make a Smartphone shake than sing. Turn the ringer on and vibrate off to conserve energy.

Dim the screen. Besides saving battery power, reducing the brightness of your phone’s screen will save your eyes as well.

Time out sooner. You can reduce the time period of inactivity before your Smartphone goes to sleep, so your Smartphone can time out and start saving energy sooner. (Your Smartphone needs naps too.)

Power down sometimes. It’s important to give your phone a break and totally turn it off. Go ahead and kill the connection while you’re sleeping, in meetings, or watching a movie.

Drain the battery. Don’t keep charging a phone that still has power. Tech trend website Hongkiat.com explains why: “The battery capacity in NiCd batteries are reduced every time you recharge them.”

Close unused apps. Facebook, Angry Birds, Pandora and other apps are fun to play with, but leave them running, and they will suck the life out of your Smartphone fast.

Turn off GPS. According to PCWorld, a “GPS unit is a little radio that sends and receives signals to and from satellites to triangulate your phone's location on the Earth's surface.” Stop apps from trying to find you by opting out when you install it and are asked about permission to use your location. Just say no.

Stop searching. If you’re not using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, then turn off your wireless. Otherwise your Smartphone will expend unnecessary energy as it keeps trying to find a signal.

Filter notifications. Every incoming notification uses energy. Set your notifications options so that only important messages go to your notifications area.

Keep it cool. Not too hot, not too cold. Keep your Smartphone steady at a comfortable room temperature if you want the battery to last longer. Leaving it in a hot car or carrying it in a purse on a cold winter day are both ways to kill the battery quickly.

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