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Aicee Technologies Ltd is a leading IT Service Provider. The eths of Aicee Technologies is to optimun services and support that will exceeeds the expectation of client within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

AICEE TECHNOLOGIES LTD is a cutting edge Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Service Provider that in Abuja, Nigeria; a limited liability company that is incorporated in Nigeria with registration number RC 980296.
The ethos of Aicee Technologies is to deliver the optimum service and support which exceeds the expectations of our clients, help our customers enhance productivity, increase business agility, and improve customer loyalty, thereby maximizing revenue. Our corporate philosophy establishes the fundamental principles of our management system.
By selecting Aicee Technologies Ltd, Clients gain an experienced and dedicated business partner with the ability to deliver a comprehensive solution. Aicee's unique qualifications include corporate stability, technical and business strengths and experience in serving technology markets.
Aicee Technologies is aware that our Client’s success in meeting their overall enterprise goals will depend on choosing a partner that can provide competitive pricing strategies, world-class support, reliable quality products and value-added programs and we are commited to being that partner.

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